Interactive Web disk tool – Success for Web agency Webanaki. The Douglas Hospital PEPP Research team happy with their new tool

Disque interactif web

Un des huit disques interactifs web intégrés dans un sondage bilingue en ligne d’une équipe de recherche de l’Hôpital Douglas











Web agency Webanaki just realised an interactive new tool for a research team at the Douglas Hospital. the disks, included in an online survey, help researchers to evaluate the success of a treatment..

The PEPP team is very satisfied with their new tool and the research team beleive it will help them to improve the reactivity and the succes of the healing process. Thanks to the PEPP team for their confidence and trust !

Congratulations to Pierre Martins, our programer, who made a good job, the kink we like at Webanaki’s Web agency !

We’re eager to succed in our next challenge…

You would like to try the demo of the interactive disk tool ? Follow the links below :

Disks for French speaking patients :

Disks for English speaking patients :

Disks for French speaking family members :

Disks for English speaking family members :

Link to text files (or database) generated by the tool :