Magento 2 sort bientôt (novembre) – à quelles surprises doit-on s’attendre ? (anglais)

The long awaited Magento version i.e. Magento 2 is yet to hit the market. With the hike about the new version, Magento developers and web development companies are eagerly waiting for the version. The beta version for merchants released back in July 2015 made them realize, it is going to be very big and might affect all the Magento websites and other tools severely.

What will be Unwrapped in November 2015?

Magento development companies might bring major changes in their working methodology with the advent of this version. When the beta version was released for merchants, several bugs were found at the initial level, which are expected to be fixed on the release of final version scheduled in November 2015.

Several Magento developers tested the beta version by migrating the websites to the new version, but unfortunately websites got crashed due to the bugs in the beta version, which will surely be resolved in the coming version for making Magento a better eCommerce development solution platform.

Majority of the certified Magento developers would start using the version on its arrival to avoid the risks and offer the rejuvenated online shopping experience to the customers.

  • The game changer feature, which is expected from Magento 2 version, is full page caching. This feature will reduce the loading time of huge eCommerce websites (no matter how many images or any other website elements taking time to load). The servers will be less loaded due to the quick website loading time.
  • Quick loading time (approx. 25% reduction in the loading time) may even offer high conversion rate. Handling huge traffic will be easy and efficient. Even the popular search engines will take the note of the quick loading websites giving it high search rankings.
  • Checkout is the most essential step in the online shopping process. Magento 2.0 will impress its users with the improved and simplified checkout process. In the current scenario, majority of the eCommerce websites avoid customers not having the user account. But the new Magento version will allow customers to checkout even with no accounts. They just have to enter their email address for checkout process. They can later create their account to track their order with the email address they entered while completing the checkout.
  • Website database and processes conducted at the backend are also expected to receive a fresh and improved face with the new Magento version.
  • Several benefits of the new version include reduced development cost, reduction in the marketing and promotional activities.This version is expected to offer flexibility to the web development companies to streamline their eCommerce development processes with new opportunities.

“We’ve been very frustrated with the state of open-source eCommerce. We knew it could be done better.”- Roy Rubin, Co-Founder/CEO, Magento

Thus, Magento 2 is invented to give open source website development a new direction to help ecommerce industry by solving their most crucial requirements and survive in the cutting edge competition.

What Crucial Features can be Availed after Magento 2.0 Release?
  • Enhanced CMS Solution (manage content in a refined manner)
  • Optimized Search Feature (Better than in the previous version)
  • Support to Multiple Warehouse (Brand new feature, multiple warehouse support was not possible earlier)
  • And more…

The story is not yet over; we will be back with more information related to Magento 2 once it is officially released.