Élaborer sa stratégie de médias sociaux

Comment élaborer la stratégie des médias sociaux pour une firme

par : Mélinda Hack

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Comment élaborer une stratégie de médias sociaux… (EN)

Social media is an amazing tool. It provides the opportunity to connect with current and prospective clients instantaneously, through a forum they are likely to use on a daily basis. We search for and absorb so much information online, so your firm needs to acknowledge and embrace the notion that methods of communication are changing. Establishing a social media strategy is an ideal way to create a connection with clients by communicating what is happening within your firm and showcasing the magic you’re capable of producing. Here are four simple steps to guide your social media strategy:

Use social media to drive traffic to your website
Before creating your social media strategy, it’s important your website is up to scratch, as it will act as an anchor to each social media channel you employ. Once you have taken the steps to ensure your website is well designed, easy to navigate, features relevant information and is mobile friendly, you can link up your social media portals. This will generate traffic to your website and increase your firm’s reach. Post news that will grab the attention of clients and spark interest for further information. It’s also a great way to show off your team’s ability to communicate professionally and in turn, assures clients you can provide support and deliver projects successfully. This also gives satisfied clients the opportunity to comment and provide testimonials for your firm.

Choose your channels
When choosing your social media channels, it’s vital to consider who will be posting your content and monitoring your pages. You may have a small dedicated team or appointed staff members, but it’s important your content ‘speaks with one voice’. Your messaging should be consistent in tone and style, with a focus on communicating your firm’s value. Avoid choosing too many channels – focus on the social media sites most relevant to your audience: prospective clients. Facebook and Twitter for example, are a great opportunity to connect and feature content that links back to your blog or website. Aim to post content that will interest your followers enough for them to comment and share.

Plan your posts
Spend time planning and creating a content calendar beforehand. This should map out the content you intend to post and how regularly to plan to do so. During this process, you should consider questions such as:

What is the purpose of this post?
Who is the intended audience?
What will it achieve for my firm’s brand identity and what message am I communicating with this content?
Are people likely to share this post?

Create posts aimed at prospective clients, aided by engaging imagery. Commenting on relevant articles or seminars you have attended via Twitter, can position your firm as a thought leader in your industry. Take care not to bombard your followers. Post relevant content, consistently.

Create interest with imagery
Images are one of the best ways to communicate the essence of your firm. Prospective clients are interested in gaining an insight into how your firm works and whether you will be able to cater for their needs. Capture and share quality images that reflect the creativity within your firm. Remember that it’s important to generate trust between your firm and a client. Creating a persona behind your brand is valuable, so don’t be afraid to share images of your team and showcase successful projects you are proud of.
Ultimately, social media lets you reveal the essence of what your firm can offer and you can craft your message to communicate what sets you and your team apart.

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